Ozo Coffee Co.

Expanding the brand of a regional coffee roasting company

Ozo Coffee Company


To help our friends at OZO Coffee Company increase their presence on retail shelves and extend their brand in their cafés, Good Apples engaged in a nearly year-long overhaul of the visual identity, packaging, apparel and in-store materials.

In addition to modernizing the original brand assets—logos, color palette and typefaces—a visual language of more than 50 pictograms was created to represent the qualities of the more than 30 varieties of specialty coffee roasted by OZO, and to carry the brand outside of the café.

OZO Coffee Company Brand Elements
OZO Coffee Company Delivery Van
OZO Coffee Company to go cups
OZO Coffee Company apparel
OZO Coffee Company coffee label creation animation
OZO Coffee Company retail coffee bags with labels