Matter Cycles

Hand-crafted modern steel bikes that like to get dirty and are fun to ride

Matter Cycles

Art Direction / Identity System

Matter Cycles is a custom bike building workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Collin Schaafsma combines a serious passion for grinding gravel and shredding dirt with the engineering chops to design and build fully custom frames. Buying a bike from Collin is a personalized experience, including sessions to gauge your riding style if you’re in the neighborhood. This approach yields bikes for a variety of riding disciplines that are turning heads in a town with a notoriously hardcore cycling culture.

Matter Cycles Slayride with schematic background

Building the identity

Wordmarks were developed to represent the bike building studio, and the product stable, and to accommodate the small space afforded to the badge on the head tube.

Matter Identity Moodboard
Matter Maths and Symbols
Matter Maths and Symbols
Matter Maths and Symbols
close up of Matter Cycles wordmark on Slayride top tube
close up of Matter Cycles headbadge

One of our favorite things about the Matter brand are the clever and memorable names that Collin comes up with for each build.

slay ride
wolf beard
jump suit
cog fight
urban assault
Matter Complete bike builds
Matter On the Trail