Lucky's Market

Preparing a local market for regional expansion

Lucky‘s Market

Brand Positioning / Identity System / Environmental Design / Signage & Wayfinding / Responsive Web Design / Illustration / Typography & Lettering

Lucky's Market was an eclectic local market in Boulder, CO. They stocked everyday products alongside high-quality ingredients for gourmet meals, and boasted a stellar meat department with amazing humanely raised cuts. But the vibe was off. The feeling was wrong, and Lucky's was eager to stand out amongst others in their specialty category.

Good Apples' collaboration with Lucky's Market started with the primary goal of aligning their brand and physical space with the quality of their products and the knowledge of their staff. In doing so, we helped revitalize almost every facet of their business, from the logo and the exterior signage to price tags and the smocks worn by the butchers in the meat department.

Luckys Market neon signage
Luckys Bag

A Refreshed Identity

Mindful of maintaining nearly a decade's worth of local brand affinity, we chose to update Lucky's existing red script logo with simple adjustments to typography and color. The result is a stylish, eye-catching trademark that feels cohesive with the market's refined identity.

Good Apples Luckys Rebrand Luckys Old Logo


Luckys Brand Pyramid
Luckys Circular
Luckys Food Label
Luckys Cart Sign
Luckys Name Badge
Luckys Tag Art
Luckys Fridge Wrap

Responsive Web Design

Whether visiting the store online or physically standing in the produce section, it's important that customers have the same great Lucky’s experience. So we created a sleek website that could provide that feeling and feature regular content updates with ease via dynamic Facebook and Instagram integration. Best of all? The experience is identical, regardless of the user’s device.

Luckys Web Devices

When viewed on a phone, the website provides easy access to front door info and other content that mobile users are most likely to be looking for: daily specials, weekly sales flyers and upcoming events.

Department Branding

In addition to invigorating Lucky’s brand identity through updates to logo and traditional messaging, we also helped redefine the physical spaces that anchor the store. Now, with distinct finishes and signage, the Produce, Deli, and Meat Departments have united identities within the market.

Luckys Produce Department Sign
Luckys Produce Department Sign
Luckys Produce Department Sign
Luckys Produce Department Sign
Luckys Produce Department Sign
Luckys Produce Sign

Meat & Seafood

Lucky’s meat and seafood department had always been a well kept secret. Chefs and foodies from all over town made the trip to buy cuts of meat and fish that weren’t available anywhere else. The product more closely resembled a neighborhood butcher than a grocery store meat counter, but the physical space was cramped and poorly lit.

As part of the ongoing renovation, we consulted with the architects and builders to remove the unnecessary drop ceiling, and replace the textured drywall enclosure with white subway tile, resulting in a spacious, well lit showroom for the butchers to practice their craft and serve the customers.

The improvements have been replicated in Lucky’s new locations, bringing the experience of a local butcher shop back to communities throughout the Midwest.

Luckys Meat Department 2
Luckys Meat Department Sausage Sign
Luckys Meat Department 3
Luckys Meat Department 3
Luckys Meat Department 4
Luckys Meat Department 3


“The work that Good Apples completed for Lucky’s Market Boulder resulted in double digit year-over-year growth in meat & seafood and produce sales, and a significant increase in basket ring, the key measure of growth for the market.”

– Bo Sharon, Founder & Owner